Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can enable a link to your website to appear on top of Google search results, as a “sponsored link”.

PPC is more effective than other, more traditional forms of marketing, such as TV, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising, cold calling or leaflet distribution. This is because PPC enables your website link to appear only when internet users search for a keyword or search term related to your business, products or services.

PPC’s focused approach allows you to only target an audience that is already searching for what you have to offer or related products and services. This gives PPC a massive advantage over traditional mass marketing mediums, which may allow you to market to a mass audience but without focus, which results in most of your advertising message falling on deaf ears, as the audience you reach may have no requirement of or interest in your offerings to begin with.

PPC advertising offers you much higher ROI (return on investment) compared to traditional marketing medium. Traditional mediums also do not generally tend to be able to measure the level effectiveness of a marketing campaign. PPC, on the other hand, can allow you to gauge the response to a campaign by providing information on the number of internet users that get to see your website link and also, the number of users that visit your website by clicking on that link.

You can also ascertain how much time the visitors spend on your website and which pages they view, as well as how many of the visitors do not spend much time on your website. This knowledge can enable you to refine your campaign in order increase the exposure and also the engagement time with your prospective customers.

Furthermore, PPC campaigns put more control into your hands, by enabling you to activate, de-activate or make modifications to your campaign according to the results achieved, your marketing requirements and your budget.