Content Optimisation

We begin with a SEO content audit to make sure that your site’s content is being noticed by crawlers, thus creating a solid inflow of traffic into your site. After this is done, maintenance is done on a consistent basis to guarantee your site is well suited to the changes being made.

Technical Optimisation

A SEO technical audit is performed to make certain that your site meets the ever-changing demands of the digital world. Technology is changing and developing at an exponential rate, and requirements naturally change with it.

Authority Optimisation

Authority optimisation is done to guarantee that your site’s content is compatible with digital systems, thus increasing visibility.



Encounter those you want

Your website’s success is measured by the people it reaches, regardless of how well designed it is. Complemented by conversation rate optimisation functions, your site will grow to turn visitors into customers.

Proven performer

Even though the digital world constantly changes, Onyamarks maintains its position as one of the best SEO companies in Australia. Leading brands in Australia count on us to provide excellent results and service.

  • Profound understanding of the digital environment.
  • Knowing how to identify both traps and opportunities.
  • Complementing and following the guidelines of search engines.
  • Adhering to best practices and constructing strategies, while constantly innovating.
  • Excellent value and service guaranteed.
  • Regardless of your size, SEO can help.

We can custom tailor a SEO campaign that matches you goals and resources, regardless of the size and budget of your organisation – we can cater to your needs.

  • Quality traffic is directed to you.
  • You have a full view of our activity.
  • SEO studies and reports we provide are simple to comprehend.
  • You’ll have to change along with technology.

With every passing year, platforms release numerous updates, with each carrying an algorithm with increasing complexity. Users of that platform will obtain better search results and an overall smoother experience, but you must be prepared to adapt to these changes.

Onyamarks helps you remain safe from algorithmic updates by:

  • Consistently and efficiently dedicating time, every year, to making sure we are up to date with algorithms.
  • Using proven SEO strategies for building your rank.
  • Ensuring these are well complemented by up to date platform requirements knowledge.
  • Examining, studying and innovating.
  • Guaranteeing that you remain visible and reachable to your clients.
  • Preparing your site for the future.

For your clients to reach you, you must reach the search engine. The methods constantly change along with the internet; for instance, in the last decade, mobile and social media integration has become of the utmost importance.

As technology changes, tactics that worked years ago lose effectiveness with time. Onyamarks’ understanding of this allows for us to modify our strategies when necessary, while keeping sight of what our goal is. Excellent results and services are what runs in our blood.

Building success

We are one of the top search engine optimisation companies in Melbourne, and make it our mission that you are satisfied with the results, which begins with ensuring that your site is well equipped for success.

Moreover, your site will be among the top your client’s search results with the help of solid search engine optimisation, which guarantees that crawlers identify your site as relevant.

We also ensure that any SEO alterations made to your site will stay true to your vision, strategy and overall goals.

At Onyamarks, we will ensure that any SEO alterations made to your site will stay true to your vision, strategy and overall goals

Times ahead

It is important for us that your strategic goals are met, and the future of your site bright. This is achieved by analysing the market and ensuring your site is well equipped for it.

Google’s guidelines

Onyamarks aims to constantly match the changing guidelines of search engines, and ensure your site adheres to those guidelines.

SEO Audit

A SEO audit is the beginning, as it is imperative for us to comprehend what needs to be at the front of your site. Naturally, we keep a close eye on how the digital world changes, to make sure your site stays relevant.